Submit a proposal to present at the 5th National Adaptation Forum

Submission Deadline: February 16, 2022 at 11:59pm Hawaiian-Aleutian Time
• Share your expertise at the premier gathering of adaptation professionals by presenting at the National Adaptation Forum in Baltimore, Maryland October 25-27, 2022!
• Proposals can be submitted on any topic related to climate adaptation. In addition, the Program Committee has identified several Special Session topics that are of particular interest to the Forum.
• The Forum offers eight session formats to meet presenters’ needs and ensure program and participant diversity.
• The Forum program emphasizes the implementation of climate adaptation measures and the sharing of lessons learned to improve practice. Presentations and sessions that connect science to management decisions and the implementation and evaluation of adaptation actions’ effectiveness are of high priority.
• We strongly encourage proposals from federal partners, community members, students, and youth interested and engaged in climate adaptation.
Questions? Reach out to the Forum team at