2018 Research Student Research Grant Competition

The Northwest Scientific Association annually awards grants to support student research in the pure and applied sciences conducted in northwestern North America. We award research grants of up to $750 for winning undergraduate (BA/BS) and up to $1,500 for winning graduate (MA/MS or PhD) proposals. Check out the instructions and submit your proposal today! deadline: […]

Are you interested in Being a WSU Delegate for the Universities Council on Water Resources?

WSU is an institutional member of the Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR), which is a great organization that focuses on connecting academic water researchers, educators, and others for sharing expertise, building leadership, and developing partnerships for addressing water resource issues of today. If you are not familiar with the organization, check it out at […]

Advanced Computing for Earth Sciences (ACES) summer school/paid internships

Advanced Computing for Earth Sciences (ACES)–sponsored by the University of Virginia Advanced Research Computing Services (ARCS) group, NASA, and UVA’s Department of Environmental Sciences–is an exciting opportunity for students interested in computational modeling for atmospheric, ocean, climate, geophysical, and other Earth sciences. Students enrolled in the ACES program acquire hands-on application computing experience as well […]

FFAR Fellows Program Research Opportunities for Universities

The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) and a consortium of leading food and agriculture companies and universities are pleased to announce that FFAR Fellows program is now accepting research proposals from both academic and industry researchers. This program combines cutting edge food or agriculture-related research with innovative professional development programs designed to help […]

The Professional Development Initiative Presents: Data Literacy: Busting Myths of Big Data with Dr. Nairanjana Dasgupta

Tuesday Feb 6 1:00-5:00pm Cub L60 (Butch’s Den) This workshop will focus on learning about the what, when, how and whys of data. Data is pervasive these days and like it or not we have to use data to make decisions or others will make them for us. In this workshop they will start from […]

Software Carpentry Workshop

Software Carpentry is a hands-on workshop being hosted by the Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach (CEREO), Center for Institutional Research Computing (CIRC). The two-day workshop will be held from Feb 28 – Mar 1 and focuses on skills for computationally-intensive research. Live exercises and tutorials will introduce a variety of topics including programming […]

Healthy Soils in Eastern Washington-The Foundation of Healthy Farms

7:45AM-6:00PM February 8th, 2018 Banyans on the Ridge-Pavillion, Pullman WA A workshop designed for farmers and interested residents in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, will be presented by Washington State University Extension. The workshop will cover management insights on cropping systems and earthworms, roots, erosion, testing for soil health, soil acidity, dryland cover cropping, enrollment […]

Environmental Science 404: Water Resource Governance and Adaptation in the Tropical Andes

University of Idaho summer 2018 course Explore the connection between disappearing ice caps and water resource management in the Peruvian Andes. Outstanding setting for the study of Andean mountain geography and the impacts of climate variability and change on tropical glaciers, ecosystems, and human populations. Attached you will find a course flyer as well as […]

NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Division of Chemistry’s 2018 Supplemental Funding Requests for International Collaboration

The Division of Chemistry is inviting requests for supplemental funding from its existing awardees who may wish to add a new, or strengthen an existing, international dimension of their award when such collaboration advances the field of chemistry and enhances the U.S. investigator’s own research and/or education objectives. For more details and to submit Requests […]