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CEREO What We Do

What We Do

The Center for Environmental Research, Education, and Outreach’s activities revolve around the following integrated environmental themes:

Global Environmental Change

The Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach will emphasize research, education and outreach dealing with the challenges of global environmental change, including anthropogenic interference on the climate system, landuse change, water usage, and more. Washington State University will draw on the expertise of faculty working on a wide variety of topics including the atmospheric sciences, water resources, energy resources, soil sciences, subsurface science, bio-geochemical cycling, carbon sequestration, social/political impacts and prioritization, maintenance of biodiversity, and the evolution of infectious diseases. Washington State University can also draw on faculty experts to build understanding of the temporal responses, both paleo and evolutionary. The Center is especially interested in encouraging research on the complex interactions between human and natural systems.

Sustainability and the Environment

The Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach will coordinate efforts by faculty with a wide range of expertise involving environmental quality, sustainability, and economic development. Washington State University will draw on faculty with interest in human and natural systems, environmental justice, environmental entrepreneurship, and sustainable agriculture as well as urban design and public health. The Center is committed to the support of research on interrelationships between culture, society and the environment. CEREO’s mission includes environmental education and outreach, as well as understanding the challenges of ecological literacy and environmental citizenship. Overall objectives are: sustainability of the physical environment, sustainability of the biological environment, sustainability of the built environment, and global pandemics caused by evolving pathogens and high population densities.

Innovative Energy and Clean Technology Systems Design and Implementation

The Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach’s third area of emphasis harnesses the creativity and expertise of both faculty and counterparts in industry and government in developing new and/or improved sources of clean and abundant renewable energy as well as education and outreach on these topics. CEREO will draw on colleagues who are actively involved in a variety of energy-related disciplines at various locations such as Extension’s Energy Program, the Interdisciplinary Design Institute, the Institute for Sustainability Design, as well as the Colleges of Business and Engineering & Architecture, the Small Business Development Center, and local WSU Extension offices to influence every step of the idea to implementation process.