Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach

Welcome to the Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach (CEREO)! We are an active network of more than 350 faculty, staff, students, and community leaders working to resolve environmental issues through collaborative partnerships. 

Our world is filled with a multitude of pressing, complex, environmental challenges that are only exacerbated by climate change and by the economic, social, and political dynamics occurring at multiple scales. CEREO was created to position Washington State University to address these challenges by:

  • working with researchers and professionals to develop meaningful solutions for environmental problems through basic and applied transdisciplinary research,
  • providing environmental-related education and other educational support, and
  • helping transfer technologies and information developed from research activities to agencies, organizations, and individuals.

If you are interested in joining CEREO, or would like to partner with CEREO on environment-related issues, please contact us.

Recent News and Updates

We will be hosting a series of proposal development events & workshop funding in Spring 2024. See here for more details.

To find environmental events of interest, please visit our Calendar.