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CEREO Events for October 2019

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Events for October 2019

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Calendar of Events
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“The Oregon Bee Project: Oregonians working together for pollinator health”

“Drought Tolerance Mechanisms in Grasses”

Discussion on soil health


R Working Group

“Scientists & Engineers: Grow your career with National, even global, impacts.”

“Grains of truth for sugars on the move: From transport and metabolism to metabolic signals and harvestable yield”

“Engineering modular, light-driven microbial consortia: tapping cyanobacterial potential as an alternative carbohydrate feedstock”

Python Working Group


Entomology: Marilyn & James Hyde Seminar Series 

Crop and Soil Science Seminar: State Tour Report

RNA silencing in Plant Pathogenic Fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum 

Overlapping Spectra: Art and Science Collaboration on the Palouse 

R Working Group

Regulation of Heteromeric Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase in Arabidopsis thaliana 

Horticulture seminar: TBD 

Chasing Water: Moving from Scarcity to Sustainability 

Python Working Group


“Dynamics and Governing Factors of Soil Organic Carbon in Profile after 17 Years No-till in the Palouse Region” 

Plant Pathology Seminar 


R Working Group

“Navigating the Cellular Seas: Clathrin-Coated Vesicle Components in Plant Immunity” 

Entomology: Marilyn & James Hyde Seminar Series 

Horticulture Seminar: TBD 

“Genetic and hormonal regulation of maize reproductive development” 

Entomology: Marilyn & James Hyde Seminar Series 

Python Working Group

Water Resource Recovery and Water Reuse 

Stream Clean Up for the Orcas


Entomology: Marilyn & James Hyde Seminar Series 

“Can Inclusion of Soil Microbial Data Improve the Assessment of Soil Health?” 

“Ecology and Population of Botryis Cinerea on Red Raspberry and other small Fruit Hosts in the Pacific Northwest” 

Humanity and the Environment 

R Working Group

Molecular Plant Science Program Seminar: MPS Faculty Meeting 

“Biogeochemical and ecohydrological responses to shifting wildfire regimes in the western U.S.” 

Horticulture Seminar: TBD 

Python Working Group


R Working Group


Python Working Group

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