Monday, September 13, 4:30 pm, Zoom: Casey Bartrem on “Making “Green” Energy “Clean” Energy: The Minerals that Will Power the Low-Carbon Future”

The fight against climate change requires a shift to low-carbon technologies, but these alternative energy sources are not completely green, clean, or renewable. In addition, many of the minerals needed to power climate-friendly initiatives are linked to violent conflict, child labor, and severe environmental and public health impacts for the communities where these mines are located. Recent proposals for mining development in the Pacific Northwest bring the trade-offs of low-carbon energy closer to home, especially to tribal lands where many of these minerals are located. An honest assessment of what renewable energy means is the first step towards developing a framework for responsible mining at home and abroad in order to attain a low-carbon future that is both sustainable and equitable. Casey Bartrem is the executive director of Terregraphics International Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works to address growing disparities in environmental health.

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