R working group’s slack workspace

We have created an R working group Slack workspace! This space can serve as a virtual community, where R working group members can not only crowdsource errors, data analyses, and data management best practices but also learn about jobs, conferences, workshops, and other such opportunities. If you are interested in joining our Slack workspace, please use the following invitation (https://join.slack.com/t/wsurworkinggroup/shared_invite/zt-hf5bimbn-rgcTNCC9UFhtCfmI~yn8GA).

In the event you are interested but are new to Slack, that’s 100% okay. I know it can be a confusing interface in the beginning, but it becomes much more intuitive once you fiddle with it. To lower the learning curve, here is an instructional video on YouTube, and there are many more out there if this one isn’t the most useful.