How to Write Proposals that Get Funded and Papers that Get Cited: Story and Story Structure (The Strategy of Communication)

October 7 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

This –VIRTUAL– event is free for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as for faculty

This session will focus on story and story structure—the big picture. What are the key elements that frame your strategy for a piece? This emphasizes what Dr. Josh Schimel calls the “OCAR elements” of the Opening, Challenge, Action, and Resolution. If you nail these, you’re 70% of the way to an effective document. “If you are planning to attend the workshop, it is a prerequisite to complete this Pre-workshop Exercise by September 27th. You should complete this exercise prior to registering for the event, as you will need to submit the completed exercise in order to register. When you have completed the exercise, you can submit it and register for the event this link