Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (NW CASC)

The Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (NW CASC) is excited to welcome our 2020-2021 Research Fellows at Washington State University as they kick off their Fellowship activities this fall:

Michelle Audie

Michelle Audie‘s NW CASC research will focus on Decline of the Western Red Cedar: Using Tree Rings to Understand Mortality Patterns and Identify Drought-Resilient Populations Under Climate Change. Michelle’s project investigates the stress and decline of western red cedar throughout the Pacific Northwest. Her study combines field-based data collection, tree ring measurements, statistical analyses and computer-modeling to understand the site characteristics that sustain or degrade western red cedar growth and resilience to drought and other climate stressors.

Kelsey King

Kelsey King‘s NW CASC research will explore Climate Impacts on Nectar Resources of the Endangered Fender’s Blue Butterfly. Kelsey’s project will evaluate the endangered Fender’s blue butterfly’s nectar resources for the near future based on the estimated climate-related timing changes of the butterflies and nectar plants. Kelsey will create a nectar calculator that allows managers to evaluate patches of Fender’s blue habitat to ensure the butterflies have proper nectar resources.

The NW CASC Research Fellowship Program enables graduate students and postdocs from a variety of scientific backgrounds to conduct actionable climate adaptation science in collaboration with regional natural resource managers and decision-makers, while receiving training in the principles of actionable science. Fellows represent NW CASC’s consortium universities across Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. We are thrilled to have these new Fellows on our NW CASC team, helping advance our mission to deliver science to help fish, wildlife, water, land and people adapt to a changing climate. Learn more about the NW CASC’s science, tools, opportunities and events by signing up for the NW CASC Connections newsletter.