“Tapping the tensions between the science and politics of climate change.”

3:10pm, Feb 27
Vancouver (VECS 125), Pullman (PACCAR 202), Tri-Cities (Floyd 247)

Come participate in a discussion with Drs Berger and Stephan on the roles, responsibilities, and differences between policy and science in driving public perceptions about climate change.

Climate change poses significant risks to our environmental, societal, and economic well-being. As society attempts to address the complex and interconnected problems of climate change, we face a core problem: scientists have the knowledge, but politicians and social institutions hold the power to exact meaningful solutions. Do climate scientists need to better understand the politics? Or should science stay true to itself and the process of climate change investigations?


Dr. Michael Berger is a Clinical Assistant Professor at WSU Vancouver who studies the impact of location and other environmental stressors on marine invertebrates.

Dr. Mark Stephan is an Associate Professor at WSU Vancouver whose research focuses on environmental governance around issues related to climate change policies at the sub-national level.