Internal Deadline: 12/1/15
Agency Deadline: 1/13/15
Amount: $40,000-$75,000

Successful applicants will be awarded a grant in outright funds, matching funds, or a combination of the two, depending on the applicant’s preference and the availability of funds. Awards for development typically range from $40,000 to $75,000, depending on the complexity of the project, and are usually made for a period of six to twelve months. Basic development grants of up to $40,000 are available for activities that include collaborating with scholars to refine the humanities content, undertaking archival research, and conducting preliminary interviews. These grants should culminate in the creation of a brief treatment. Awards of up to $75,000 are available for the scripting of a film, television program, or radio program; and for the development of more complex projects that would have exceptionally wide reach to audiences through either of the following: – collaboration with multiple institutional partners; or – wide-ranging combinations of diverse formats (such as radio and television programs, exhibitions, book/film discussion programs, websites, lecture series, symposia, neighborhood tours, curriculum guides, publications, etc.).

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