REU Elements

The goal of this NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site is to introduce undergraduate students to resource management questions in the FEW, and to teach strategies for testing and understanding how innovations in the FEW impact or improve coordinated, cooperative management for a more resilient and inclusive future.

With a wide range of disciplinary expertise in-house, students will be able to explore how new technology, policy or regulatory changes, or management strategies may influence how resilient our Columbia River Basin system is.

REU Timeline

The core elements of this training program will provide both research and professional experiences through:

  1. Hands-on workshops that provide students with useful skills for working with diverse datasets and systems modeling tools,
  2.  One-on-one mentoring with FEW research experts, and co-discovery with other REU students,
  3. Structured conversations to learn more about the research process, how science can boost your career opportunities, how to communicate your science, and more,
  4. Opportunities to engage with stakeholders and communities who are engaged in FEW management,
  5. Strong, lasting networks with your REU peers and your research mentors.