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CEREO R Working Group

R Working Group

Building our WSU R Community

FALL 2017 term the R Working Group meets on Wednesdays at 12:00 pm, in PACCAR 202. Check out our blog!

At WSU we have a breadth of research questions being addressed with R, an open source statistical environment. Successful learning and use of R requires community involvement, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Each week a different topic will be covered, spanning multiple skill levels, with additional time for questions and help. Once a month we have trouble shooting sessions where we work as a group to solve and discuss R issues.


Date   Type Speaker Topic Location
8/30/2017   Intro session Alli Cramer, Stephanie Labou, Steve Powers  Semester Outline, Goals, and Pizza PACCAR 202
9/6/2017   Intro to R Alli Cramer, Stephanie Labou  R, R Studio, data, dplyr, and ggplot PACCAR 202
9/13/2017   Package Intro Stephanie Labou  Word Clouds and text mining PACCAR 202
9/20/2017   Trouble Shooting  —  — PACCAR 202
9/27/2017   Research Profile Nicholas Potter  Impact of Climate on Agriculture vis-a-vis the matching package PACCAR 202
10/4/2017   Research Profile Alli Cramer  Running Parallel in R for simulations  IDX 107 (PACCAR 1st floor)
10/11/2017   Package Intro Michael Meyer  R Markdown – collaborating and reproducible research PACCAR 202
10/18/2017   Trouble Shooting  — IDX 107 (PACCAR 1st floor)
10/25/2017   Research Profile Andrew
 Paleoclimate Reconstruction, using pollen to reconstruct temperature PACCAR 202
11/1/2017   Package Intro  Tung Nguyen  Purr and Tidyr PACCAR 202
11/8/2017   Package Intro Lauralea Edwards Python vs. R: data practices and differences PACCAR 202
11/15/2017   Trouble Shooting PACCAR 202
11/22/2017   Thanksgiving Break
11/29/2017   Research Profile  TBD  Bayesian in R PACCAR 202
12/6/2017   Trouble Shooting/Pkge Intro  TBD  Mapping in R PACCAR 202


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