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CEREO R Working Group

R Working Group

Building our WSU R Community

At WSU we have a breadth of research questions being addressed with R, an open source statistical environment. Successful learning and use of R requires community involvement, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Each week a different topic will be covered, spanning multiple skill levels, with additional time for questions and help. Once a month we have collaboration sessions where we work on collaborative projects, troubleshoot, and discuss research topics and R issues.

SPRING 2019 term the R Working Group sessions are on Wednesdays at 12:00 pm, in PACCAR 202. Check out our blog!

R group WoRk TogetherRs are informal opportunities to work on your code with other R users. Join the ListServ to stay updated on our next WoRk TogetheR, a Cafe Moro takeover with our sister group, the Python Working Group. Bring your computer and code – we will have power strips.



Date Type Speaker Topic Location
1/16/2019 Intro session Alli Cramer, Matt Brousil PACCAR 202
1/23/2019 Research Discussion Nick Computing Best Practices – version control, R projects, github PACCAR 202
1/30/2019 Research Discussion Alli Cramer Mapping / rasters in R PACCAR 202
2/6/2019 Collaboration & Introductory R Tutoring Rob Clark

Lightning fast multiple regression visualization with ‘sjPlot’ package

2/13/2019 Package Introduction Michael Dplyr/Tidyr PACCAR 202
2/20/2019 Package Introduction Andrew Plotly PACCAR 202
2/27/2019 Package Introduction Rob Clark

Filling the gap between p-values and plotting: getting model estimates with ‘emmeans’ and ‘effects’ package

3/6/2019 Research Steve Katz Multivariate Stats in R PACCAR 202
3/13/2019 SPRING BREAK
3/20/2019 Collaboration & Introductory R Tutoring Matt Brousil Lightning Talk: “Beyond .csv: bringing in data” PACCAR 202
3/27/2019 Research Profile Jikhan Jeong Time Series Analysis PACCAR 202
4/3/2019 TBD ? PACCAR 202
4/10/2019 Research Discussion Matt Brousil Cleaning scripts and data PACCAR 202
4/17/2019 Collaboration & Introductory R Tutoring Tony Carnahan Lightning Talk: “figures with ggplot” PACCAR 202
4/24/2019 DEAD WEEK

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