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CEREO People

Core Faculty and Staff

STEPHANIE HAMPTON– Director, Professor- School of the Environment

JULIE PADOWSKIClinical Assistant Professor | Phone: (509) 335-8539

JACQUELINE McCABE– Principal Assistant | Phone: (509) 335-5531

KATRINA SHELTON– Grant and Contract Manager| Phone: (509) 335-1212

STEPHANIE LABOU– Data ManagerPhone: (509) 335-4552


Executive Committee

Stephen Bollens – Professor – School of the Environment

Interests: marine and estuarine zooplankton and fish ecology, behavior, population biology, community ecology and ecosystem dynamics



Amanda Boyd– Assistant Professor, Communications

Interests: environmental and health risk communication , energy policy, indigenous health, media representations of risk


Asaph Cousins, Associate Professor- Biological Sciences

Interests: plant energy metabolism, carbon and oxygen isotope exchange in plants


Yonas Demissie– Assistant Professor- Civil & Environmental Engineering

Interests: surface and subsurface hydrology


Mark Dybdahl– Associate Professor- Biological Sciences

Interests: ecological and evolutionary consequences of sexual and asexual modes of reproduction


Jay Hmielowski, Assistant Professor- Communications

Interests: environmental communication, political communication


Kris Johnson, Professor- Animal Sciences

Interests: ruminant nutrition/beef cattle energetics, ruminants and environmental issues


Jolie Kaytes– Associate Professor- School of Design and Construction

Interests: landscape architecture, representations of landscape complexity, food systems, Columbia River Basin


 Jan Boll, Professor-  Civil and Environmental Engineering

Interests: Watershed hydrology, Water quality, Hydrologic modeling, Integrated water resources management, Vadose zone hydrology


Jim Kropf, Director- Northwest District Extension Office

Interests: leadership and support


James “Dick” Pratt, Professor- School of the Environment

Interests: aquatic ecosystems


Von P. Walden, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Interests: Remote sensing of the atmosphere, polar environments, climate change


Francene Watson, Clinical Assistant Professor- Teaching & Learning

Interests: environmental sustainability, equity, and well-being; school and community gardens


Former Executive Committee Members

Keith Blatner, Natural Resources Sciences

Emmett Fiske, Community and Rural Sociology

Markus Flury, Crop and Soil Sciences

Andy Ford, Environmental Science and Regional Planning

Howard Grimes, Plant Sciences, Biotechnology

David Gruenewald, Teaching and Learning

Heidi Jarvis, School of Music

Jeff Joireman, Marketing

Nick Lovrich, Political Science

Dave Evans, Biological Sciences

David Sprott, Carson College of Business

George Mount, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Todd Norton, Communications

William Pan, Crop and Soil Sciences

Lynda Paznokas, Teaching and Learning

David Pietz, History

Eugene Rosa, Sociology

Michael Salvador, Communications

Phil Wandschneider, Economic Sciences

Kent Keller, School of the Environment

Brian Lamb, Professor- Civil & Environmental Engineering

Babu John Mariadoss, Carson College of Business


Broader CEREO Network