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CEREO Newsroom CEREO Newsroom

Welcome to The CEREO Newsroom

Washington State University graduate students are conducting research to address and resolve environmental challenges. Learn about how to utilize the Newsroom in your next research grant and check out some of the ways on-going research is being communicated to the public by teams of graduate and undergraduate students.


2016 Newsroom projects

The CEREO Newsroom funded additional projects by Murrow Backpack Environmental undergraduate students gaining experience in science communication with graduate students doing environmental research. These student teams produce news videos and written articles covering the issues and current research of a wide variety of environmental topics.

Food Farming in Rapidly Urbanizing Southwest Washington
Scientist: Judith Wait, School of the Environment (Vancouver)
Reporters: Shane Michard and James Cador, Murrow College of Communication (Pullman)

2015 Newsroom projects

Finding Fish Patterns thumbnail

Finding Patterns in Fish Behavior – Implications for Management
Scientist: Alli Cramer, School of the Environment (Pullman)
Reporter: Linda Prado, Murrow College of Communication (Pullman)

Drought Tolerant Wheat story thumbnail

Improving the Tolerance of Multiple Wheat Varieties to Drought Stress
Scientist: Megan Lewien, Crop and Soil Science (Pullman)
Reporters: Shane Michard and James Cador, Murrow College of Communication (Pullman)

Spawning Salmon story thumbnail

Tracing Food-Web Effects of Marine-Derived Nutrients from Spawning Salmon
Scientist: Laura Livingston, School of the Environment (Pullman)
Reporter: Carly Ray, Murrow College of Communication (Pullman)

2014 Newsroom projects

Nitrogen on Mount Rainier story thumbnail

Effects of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition at Mount Rainier National Park
Scientists: Justin Poinsatte, School of Biological Sciences (Pullman) and Jason Williams, Civil and Environmental Engineering (Pullman)
Reporters: Max Reister, Tesia Lingenfelter, and Renee Hausske, Murrow College of Communication (Pullman)

About CEREO Newsroom

The CEREO Newsroom is a collaboration between CEREO affiliates and the Murrow College of Communication with shared goals.

  • Facilitate the communication of CEREO affiliate research to the general public, research stakeholders, and the scientific community
  • Provide multimedia science communication training and education to WSU undergraduate and graduate students
  • Serve to extend CEREO’s commitment to outreach by engaging the ‘broader impacts’ of environmental research while helping to meet funding agency (e.g. National Science Foundation (NSF)) requirements.

Backpack Environmental reporting - Mount Rainier

CEREO Newsroom Team

  • Todd Norton, Associate Professor, Murrow College of Communication
  • Lucrezia Cuen Paxon, Clinical Assistant Professor, Murrow College of Communication
  • Ryan Risenmay, Clinical Assistant Professor and Digital Communications Strategist, Murrow College of Communication
  • Raelene Pray, undergraduate student, Murrow College of Communication
  • Brian Lamb, Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Jason Williams, PhD student, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

CEREO Newsroom contacts