Name: Lynne Carpenter-Boggs
Position BIOAg Coordinator
Department Crop and Soil Sciences
College Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences
Campus Pullman
CEREO Theme Sustainability and the Environment
Specialty organic farming soil quality–nitrogen cycling
Env Courses SoilS 101 Organic Gardening and Farming; SoilS 431/531 Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry; Soils 490 Composting; Soils 541 Plant-Soil-Microbial Interactions
Env Research Sustainable agriculture, including microbial communities and activities in soil under various managements, compost and compost teas, soil and compost C and nutrient cycling, organic soil fertility, microbial controls of plant disease.
Env Outreach Speak 2-3 times per year at extension/producer meetings on various aspects of soil biology, sustainable agriculture.
Keywords plants/crops; sustainability