2023 CEREO Environment & Health Seminars

Date and TimeEvent Title & PresenterLink to Register
12 Sept @ 4:10pm PTAdvanced methods in the use of GIS for public health
Ofer Amram, WSU College of Medicine
26 Sept @ 4:10pm PTHow does climate restrict blacklegged ticks? Experimental tests of our collective wisdom
Jesse Brunner, School of Biological Sciences
10 Oct @ 4:10pm PTGlobal salinization of freshwater systems: Impacts on wildlife and human health
Erica Crespi, School of Biological Sciences
24 Oct @ 4:10pm PTThe ecoimmunology of health and disease. The hygiene hypothesis and plasticity in human immune function
Aaron Blackwell, WSU Anthropology
7 Nov @ 4:10pm PTPower outage and Firewall studies
Claire Richards, WSU College of Nursing
28 Nov @ 4:10pm PTStress and reproductive health disparities
Anna Strahm, Sanford Health in South Dakota

If you have questions, please email cereo@wsu.edu