What is CEREO?

What is CEREO?

Building on grassroots energy and passion, CEREO serves as a progressive hub for environmental research, education and outreach at Washington State University.

With a reputation for excellence and international reach, CEREO seeks to apply innovative technologies and management tools to the ever-growing challenges of climate change and environmental sustainability.

CEREO’s dynamic network of faculty, staff, students, and industry leaders works to resolve environmental issues through the power of collaborative partnerships. Guided by a roster of distinguished scientists, center members explore the connections between natural ecosystems and the human aspects that underlie environmental change.

CEREO operates as a clearinghouse for a wide range of environmental projects such as watershed management, tracking the nitrogen cycle, and studying urban socio-ecological systems. Projects are initiated and conducted by a diverse community of people with expertise reaching from agriculture, biology, and communication to engineering and education. CEREO also brings a strong social science component into play, providing perspectives from experts in economics, political science, philosophy, anthropology, and more.

CEREO offers timely interdisciplinary expertise and problem-solving skills. For example, the center can help researchers better incorporate computer science skills into their environmental studies by merging data with informatics. CEREO hopes to prepare WSU students for real-world careers in the environmental arena by providing training and workshops unavailable elsewhere on campus.

Project ideas and involvement are welcome from anyone in the WSU community.

Download a print-friendly CEREO flyer (PDF).

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