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CEREO R Group Resources

R Group Resources

Instructions, Cheatsheets, and Links

Tips for Presenting at R Working Group

First time presenter guide

Getting started with R

Primary R website: R Statistical

RStudio’s “getting started” site: Getting Started

Great place for R basics: Quick R

R Studio Cheat Sheets

dplyr : data-wrangling-cheatsheet

R Markdown : rmarkdown-cheatsheet-2.0

More sheet sheets from the folks at R Studio can be found here.

Writing your thesis or dissertation with R Markdown

Blog series (non-WSU): Thesis in R Markdown by Rosanna van Hespen 

thesisdown package

Template for writing your thesis in R Markdown in UC Davis format

Template for writing your thesis in R Markdown in Oxford University format

Running R on Kamiak HPC

HPC basics: User’s Guide

Specifically Running R: Kamiak R Guide

Training PDFs: Slides

Quick Kamiak Commands: Quick Kamiak Commands

Resource for working in Linux Command line (the command line is that dark box that is an interface for Kamiak):