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Stephanie Hampton

Stephanie Hampton ProfileAs director of the Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach (CEREO), Stephanie Hampton envisions a truly interdisciplinary alliance able to leverage the best of the WSU system for studying a wide range of environmental issues.

With research interests ranging from basic science to environmental policy, Hampton brings leadership and strong research skills to CEREO. She is also a professor in the WSU School of the Environment, the chair of the National Science Foundation’s Advisory Committee for the Biology Directorate, and an editor for Limnology & Oceanography and Ecosystems.

Hampton has a strong background in aquatic science, statistical analysis, and environmental informatics. Her previous research included analyzing long-term ecological data collected from lakes as globally diverse as Lake Baikal in Siberia and Lake Washington in Seattle. Together with collaborators, she has shown how lakes respond to municipal management practices such as sewage diversion.  She has also helped demonstrate the effects of climate change on plankton—the basic building blocks of aquatic food webs.

Hampton was previously Deputy Director of the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis at U.C. Santa Barbara. The center fosters data-intensive collaborative research efforts that span the environmental sciences—from studies on the economic impacts of invasive forest insects to the development of novel statistical methods for stream research to the evaluation of marine fisheries management strategies.

On every level, Hampton strives to promote data sharing, open science, and wider adoption of cutting-edge informatics for more effective and transparent environmental research. She is a leader in efforts to improve computational literacy and supports access to a robust cyberinfrastructure for everyone engaged in the environmental sciences.

She also appreciates the well-respected community of people connected to CEREO.

“The ever-changing diversity of people and topics involved in CEREO makes it a great place for me,” she says. “CEREO people are very energetic, doing important work, and they want to collaborate. It’s very energizing.”

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